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I am an award-winning writer, director, and audio producer. 


My films have screened at over 40 theaters and festivals across 5 countries, from Los Angeles to Berlin. 


My creative style explores themes of feminism in horror, mythology in today’s context, and absurd wordplay. From a colorful intersection of multiple cultural lenses, I tell whimsically sharp stories that toy with attraction and repulsion.

In my free time, I judge submissions and present awards for sci-fi/horror film festivals such as New Orleans Horror Film Festival and FearNYC.

As a guest speaker, I've given panels and presentations on the creative process at schools, festivals, and conventions. Topics I cover as a panelist include creative writing, indie filmmaking, audio fiction podcasting, & diversity in media.

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I'm bilingual; Fluent in English and Spanish. Is there a word for being able to read a language but not speak it? That's where I am with French.


Outside of work, you can find me writing short stories, playing tabletop games, and traveling the world.

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